Enrolment Information

Getting Started

Every parent feels the same when embarking on an Early Education program journey for their children. Kuluin Early Learning believes in getting off on the right foot to ensure you are fully prepared for your child’s first day.


Once you have completed your visit, we’ll offer you an enrolment Pack which contains additional information about Kuluin Early Learning, Government rebates, fees and handy survival tips for first-timers.

Here we will discuss availability of days required, your goals and aspirations for your child and any additional information such as allergies and special requirements for your child.

Come and Visit

You are invited to “Come and Visit’ our centre. Our staff will be more than willing to show families around our centre and offer any assistance and advice

 Here you will be guided through a day in the life of a child who attends the service and see the Educational Program in action. This is a very valuable experience for both your children and yourself to view the service before deciding to commence enrolment.

Give us a call and we’d love to see you

Stay and Play Sessions

Stay and Play Sessions are scheduled with the service director to ensure a smooth transition into the service. These are designed to support the children with ‘getting to know’ the space, educators, routines before commencing to alleviate any worries or concerns before their first day. During these visits parents will need to stay within the service during the play session. You can schedule as many of these as you see fit before your child’s first day.


Nursery and Toddler
Fee for Families 1 to 4 Days $99.00 per Day or 5 Days $97.00 per Day
Junior Kindy/Pre Kindy/Kindergarten
Fee for Families 1 to 4 Days $96.00 per Day or 5 Days $94.00 per Day

Fees are payable 1 week in advance and payments are set up automatically via our Debitsucces system. Debits will come out of your account each Friday on a weekly basis. Families are offered 2 weeks holiday at 25% discount per financial year *terms and conditions apply.
Bond is charged at 2 weeks gap fee and needs to be paid upon enrolment. When your child leaves the service, your bond will be applied to your account on your last payment cycle.

Two weeks written notice is required to end a booking or decrease permanently booked days. Fees are payable on all booked days including absences and public holidays.

Your CCS [Childcare Subsidy] is paid directly to the centre to reduce your fees. Your discount is based upon two factors, hours of work and family income. Your calculation can be determined through your myGov account.
Kindergarten Program
An approved kindergarten program is:


Provided for children in the year before Prep


Provided for 15 hours a week for 40 weeks


Play based


Delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher



Kuluin ELC is a registered Qld Government Kindergarten and runs an approved program led by our Early Childhood Teachers.

Kindy age requirements
Your child must be 4 years old by July 31 to participate in a kindergarten program.

Child Born Child can attend kindy
1 July 2011 to 31 July 2012 2016
1 July 2012 to 31 July 2013 2017
1 July 2013 to 31 July 2014 2018
1 July 2014 to 31 July 2015 2019


Kuluin ELC invites all enquiries via phone, email or visit us. We welcome the opportunity for you to experience the friendly, caring and warm environment our service aims to achieve.

Some of the ways in which you can participate could be:


Participate in incursions and excursions


Attend special functions at the centre


Suggestions and ideas for programming and forward planning,


collaborate with educators to set long and short term goals for your child


Offer Feedback in relation to our service policies, procedures and the care which is provided


Offer Feedback in relation to our service policies, procedures and the care which is provided


Donations of craft materials, materials, boxes and other relevant materials