Kuluin Early Learning Centre

North Buderim Nursery 


We have a flexible routine within our Nursery  room to cater for each child’s individual needs.

We would like the transition to care for the child to be easy for them as well as for you, so we try to keep their routine similar to what it would be at home.

Babies and Toddlers are unique and have individual ways of learning about the world around them.

We aim to evoke learning through sensory opportunities that will allow the children to explore and understand their environment around them whilst observing and scaffolding their own capabilities and independence within a warm, caring and family-based environment.

Developing one on one relationships and face to face interactions is vital when building your child’s trust with us and their sense of security in the nursery environment.

Nappy changing, feeding and other routines are all important daily learning experiences, we ensure every infant receives nurturing and responsive care within their daily routine.

What a Typical Nursery Day Looks Like

Time Nursery (0-2 years)
6.30am Children + Parents Welcomed, Breakfast is offered
7.00am-9.00am Free Movement, Indoor/Outdoor Experiences + Free Play
9:00am Morning tea and Sleep time
9.30 am-11.30am Nursery Program, Free Movement, Sensory Experiences, Exploration of Natural World and Music
11.30am Lunch and Sleep time
12.00pm-2.00pm Sleep/Rest/Relaxation
2.00pm – 3.00pm Child Interest Led Indoor Experiences
3.00 pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm-6.30pm Free Movement, Outdoor Experiences + Free Play and Late Snack offered

Note: Children in the nursery are provided opportunity to rest, sleep and meals around their individual needs.

The most important practice being that the environment and program throughout the day are calm, unrushed and respectful for all children.

Each classroom at Kuluin Early Learning embraces the individuality of each child within their care. Daily programs will look different from classroom to classroom and across different age groups. Please speak with your child’s educators if you have any feedback on what you would like included.



The Educators provide a variety of communication avenues for families when gathering information on your child’s needs.

*child routine sheet

*bottle and meal daily and sleep routine sheet

*individual day book

*Storypark including direct messaging between parent and educators