Our Teaching Philosophy

At Kuluin we believe each child is a unique individual and that their special abilities, interests and cultural backgrounds should be the basis of our curriculum. We will work with families to provide high-quality education and care within a warm, secure environment which promotes diversity and inclusion.

We believe that relationships each child has with their families and communities are the foundation for learning, and we will use those relationships to develop our curriculum and extend each child’s learning.

We believe each child’s health, security and wellbeing underpins all learning experiences. We will promote exercise, good nutrition, sleep and rest periods. We will ensure each child feels love, security and a sense of belonging. Our outdoor and indoor areas engage every child in experiences which promote play and learning through stimulation of the senses in built and natural environments.

At Kuluin we will endeavour to build upon the child’s self-image, independence, belief in oneself and confidence in their well-being by fostering in each child a positive approach to their identity, with a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and self-esteem.

We will scaffold the education of development of each child as an individual who can grow his/her separate identity and qualities, yet still work and contribute constructively within a large group.

We will engage in ongoing reflection about our practices and procedures to drive continuous improvement and to ensure each child can maximize his or her learning opportunities, and as educators, we value opportunities for professional development.

Kuluin Early Learning Centre values the families we care for, our community and the celebrates the privilege of caring for your children.

Building Learning Partnerships

We work in partnership with family input and children’s interest to deliver an evolving curriculum catering to all children’s learning styles. Within this principle, we reflect the children’s culture and value by planning aspects that reflects cultural identity.

Holistic curriculums are facilitated allowing each child to become an active, confident engaged learner.

The child’s right to participate in play and have a voice that is listened to and acted upon is advocated throughout the services practices.

Through promoting personal and professional development we allow educators, children, and family, to self-reflect on our daily practices maintaining flexibility to our service approach.

Kuluin Early Learning Centre will aim to reflect the needs of our community and the families who rely on the service we provide.

Our centre will have autonomy, within professional guidelines, to offer individuality within our curriculum to meet the community needs essentially equipping children with fundamental life skills.

Sustainability Partnerships

The services commitment to exceeding National Quality Standards is truly reflected through the teams relationships with ALL children, commitment to social responsibility of sustainable futures with a Sunshine Coast Council Waste 2 Resource STARS program along with the development of rich, educational programs for each child linking to the Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines.

Embedding Sustainability in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Council Waste 2 Resource STARS program will be in the context of how we currently live our lives now and how it will affect our future.

Not only the physical environment (the natural world) but consumption, gender equity, health, peace and reconciliation

This becomes a shared commitment among all stakeholders.

Working in partnership with open communication, respect, and understanding and by sharing knowledge and resources we will strive for continuous improvement and excellent standards.

An Award Winning Service invites you

Kuluin Early Learning Centre was established in 2007 by a group of inspirational educators with a passion for Early Childhood development. Janet Turner leads the team and places particular emphasis on developing strong family connections and community awareness.

The service is a private family owned service with a 75 place capacity caring for children between 6 weeks to 6 years.

The service is perfectly located near the highly reputable Kuluin State School in which is closely linked with supporting the services School Readiness Program under the government approved Kindergarten Program for 4-6 year olds.

At Kuluin Early Learning Centre we pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere that is inviting, welcoming, safe and nurturing.

At Kuluin Early Learning Centre your child will not only be supported by deeply caring and incredibly knowledgeable educators, but also feel a deep sense of belonging within a community of learners.

Respecting The Traditional Owners

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land in which we meet and play, the Gubbi Gubbi and Kabi Kabi people. We pay our respects to their elders, their ancestors and to future generations.

At Kuluin ELC we value and respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures and strive to successfully embed relevant and meaningful practices in our service on a regular basis.