My children have been attending KELC for 4 years. The staff are the most genuine and kind people who take such an interest in the children and all their individual needs. The centre is presented exceptionally well with the layout and play experiences meticulously designed to enhance the development of the little learners. I cannot recommend a more appropriate place to begin your child’s education. Jenny

Finding a day care for your bundle of joy is a very daunting experience for any mum or dad.  The guilt you feel about having to return to work and the scary thoughts of whether someone else would give your child the the love and care they need to grow can be consuming! I can honestly say from the first time I met with Tara and Janet at Kuluin Early Learning Centre I could tell that they knew and understood these feelings and made me feel at ease.  Both my son (who is about to start Prep!) and my daughter have attended Kuluin Early Learning centre from the baby room through to Kinder-garden/Pre- prep.  Every transition they went through from learning to walk, potting training and now preparing for “Big” school has been seamless with their support.  The love the staff show my kids reassures me every day that we made the right choice and I am so proud hearing my kids talking about the new skills and knowledge that the educators have taught them.  It is obvious that all their staff love their job.  They are not just babysitters but an intricate part of my kids growth and development.


Our 2 year old son fit seamlessly into Kuluin ELC, we were impressed with how comfortable he felt right from the first morning, where we had been subjected to tears at all other centres. All staff were friendly, comforting and allowed my son to develop great social skills and fine motor skills. He developed great friendships/relationships with his peers and teachers and I felt very comfortable with him in their care each day. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Rebecca Weston

We have been apart of the KELC family for 5 years now and it has been a beautiful and happy place to send our children. The staff treat our kids as though they where their own and the education and play learning is absolutely second to none. I just love it when my kids bring me home something special they make or when they have an exciting story to tell me about their day. We can’t be more grateful for the care KELC has provided us over the years. Nat X

KELC is a happy, loving, clean and educational environment that goes above and beyond to ensure the children are experiencing much more than you would expect from a day care centre.  Couldn’t be happier with the service and care they provide.

Kaz O’Shea

The team at Kuluin Early Learning Centre provide an exceptional service. The dedicated staff are friendly and inviting and go out of their way to develop meaningful relationships with the children and their families, ensuring a comforting connection between the child’s home life and their time at daycare, to help the children feel at ease and to thrive in a safe and enjoyable environment. They embrace each child’s individual personalities, focusing and building on their particular strengths and interests to create a fun and stimulating environment, promoting growth and happiness. They also have great communication with the parents, greatly assisting to ease the daunting task of first starting daycare with a young child. I am confident my children are receiving the best care possible and extremely grateful for the hard work and commitment the staff show and for the amazing, welcoming centre that my children attend as a result. I have no hesitation in recommending the centre to any parents. Thank you Kuluin ELC!


My children have been attending Kuluin Early Learning Centre for the past 4 years and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at the Centre.  The staff make not only the children feel at ease, but also the parents.  The educators always have time to share what has happened that day. I often have a smile on my face listening to the stories from the day.  However, not feeling like I have missed out on these moments, but cherishing the fact that my son will have these wonderful memories.  The Centre is large enough to provide numerous resources for the children, but small enough that you get to know all of the educators, whether or not they are in your child’s room.


Our son Jackson, now 3 ½ years old, has been with Kuluin Early Learning Centre since he was 7 months old. He has transitioned from nursery all the way to Kindergarten (which he will start in 2016). During this time, Jackson has had a number of different teachers for each different room and each teacher has loved, cared for, grown and assisted in developing Jackson into the confident, happy little boy he is today. I find the service extremely personal, with care given to what’s happening in our lives outside of the Learning Centre, and sincere interest in our development as a family. I look forward to introducing our new baby to the service in late 2016 and continuing the close relationship we have with all staff moving forward. Brooke

Kuluin Early Learning Centre is such a nurturing and caring environment that I happily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Daycare/ Kindergarten.  The staff really care about each and every child and their family that are enrolled in the centre and their passion shines through. I can go to work with full confidence that my kids are in a caring, safe, educational and very fun environment. My kids can’t wait to go to ‘school’ in the mornings, and it’s a great amount of disappointment when the weekend starts, To me, that says it all!

Tanya Liebenberg